Cooperating Businesses and Associations

Japan Post: 
Rosanjin Water (High Mineral Supplement Water for Rice Cooking)
Osaka Gas: 
In Rosanjin's words, 'as far as cooking, absolutely, on the fire'; kitchen-related collaboration project
Yoshida Seaweed (Tokyo Omori): 
Rosanjin's seaweed, Tokyo Michelin Restaurant, traditional Japanese dining (provider of seaweed since the establishment of Ginza Kyubei Sushi, patronized by Rosanjin)
Furukawa Yosuke Shoten (Shiga): 
Japanese washi paper, table ornaments etc, manufacture designing
Public Foundation, Yuhisai Kodokan: 
Raw egg on rice meeting circles and Kyoto culture
Taru Publications (Osaka, Tokyo): 
wooden brewing barrels, Rosanjin-related publicity, soy sauce brewing, agricultural and cultural revival project
Yuasa Shoyu Soy Sauce (Wakayama): 
planning and manufacturing collaboration